Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitten Kaboodle

I've been playing with some new design ideas and here's a little sneak peek.  She's not finished except for her face.

I'm toying with the idea of doing a local art & craft show put on at Christmas time.  It's a juried show and I still need to turn in my application & photos of my work. It's a juried show and a little intimidating to be honest.   My daughter said she'd do the 2-1/2 day show with me but it's still a lot of time sitting or standing and I'm not sure how well I'll hold out.  O_o  There were still a few booths left a week ago, I need to make a decision.

I hope everyone is having a fun filled summer.  Enjoy what's left of it.  Is it really August already?


Melanie Clark said...

I personally have troubles with a one day show.. lol. It would be lots of fun though.. tiring but fun.
Those 2.5 day shows always seem to be the most fun though. Can you actually get that much stuff made?


Shantell said...

Hi Melly, That is a good question. I'm really not sure. I've never done a show before so this is a whole new experience. I want to have a range of bear, etc. if I do it. :)