Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enjoying the last of Summer

It's been a nice and quiet summer here.  I've enjoyed the flowers, growing strawberries & squash, and visiting the little farmer's market just a few miles from my home.  It's been wonderful.

I've been playing with a couple new little designs.  :)

Working on bears and things for the Teddies Worldwide Holiday Treasures Show (see link to the right) in November.  Lots to do there...planning, cutting, sew, creating, dressing...oh all the good stuff.

Most recently, we've taken in yet another stray (they just show up here to be loved and fed) cat.  This one is especially loveable.  Deep down I keep hoping no one claims him because I really really like him.  He's just a joy.  By the way, I created Fiona weeks before 'Tux' arrived at my house.  hee hee 

And of course, I've been spending time with family & friends.   I hope you are enjoying the last bit of summer as much as I am. 

Much love...S