Monday, November 17, 2008

Annie & Babette!!

Here they are, my blog giveaway duo...10" Annie & 3" Babette.

Annie & Babette

Annie & Babette

Babette (close up)

There's still time to sign up by either posting a comment here or on my original blog giveaway post below or by sending me a private email. You have until November 30th and then I'll draw on December 1st. Whoo hoo!!! I just love celebrating my birthday all month long. Fun fun fun!!!

P.S. I'm not liking my new light tent very much or else it's not liking me. Definitely gotta learn how to work with it...always something to learn. :O)



Anonymous said...

Hi Shantell,

Happy Birthday Month! Annie and Babette are gorgeous Please enter me in your giveaway. I'm off to etsy to check out your other Annies and bears.

Thanks Nichole

Anonymous said...

Hi Shantell,

Such a cute Annie and Babette is so adorable as well. Happy Birthday month and yes please put my name in the draw as well.
big hugs

Shane (thebearguys)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shantell,

These two suit each other, just beautiful craftmanship.
I had a ragdoll given to me from the USA around 30 yrs ago, from a pen pal.
I would love to be added to you giveaway.
Love Kayx.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that and they go so well together! Know what you mean I always try and make my birthday last right up until the end of the month, great fun! Take care and have a nice day.
Hugs Lyn

Gaby said...

Shantell, now, YOU have a great way of celebrating your birthday*S*...
Annie is cute but together with Babette these two are gorgeous!!! Oh my, thinking of making such a wee teddy again makes my fingers ache ;))
All the best

Jeremy said...

Hey Shantell,

They are both so cute. I love Annie's painted face. Her expression is just priceless! Happy 40th Birthday as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cute bear/doll pair!


Chrissi said...

Oh my gosh Shantell these are beyond lovely and adorable!! I'm sitting here with my little niece right now and she's in love with this pair of cuties :)

Chrissi & L.

vhj7fj6kyyhtchcugi (that's her saying "hi" there)

All Bear by Paula said...

Such a pretty pair! Happy birthday to you Shantell!!!!

Brenda said...

Hey, I wanna play to - please put my name down if it's not already down. What an adorable set!!!!!!!!



Shelli said...

40 is the new 20. And 4 is my favorite number. So 44 must mean you're 20, but better. :)

Your little duo is darling. And what a great idea, to have a giveaway. You seductive blog-drawer, you.

Love the aesthetic here, by the way. Charming and sweet!

Laurie said...

Lovely set Shantell.They look lovely together.
Happy birthday too-you are the same young age as me!!!

Debbie said...

You are so talented. I can't beleive you are giving these two away. Happy Birthday to you. It was my daughter's birthday yesterday and today's is my 85 year old mother's birthday. Hope you had a happy one.

Brenda Parker said...

Happy Birthday Shantell! I love your little Annie and Babette. They are absolutely adorable!!

Flor Larios Art said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love it and I want her soooo bad!

Bettina Groh said...

no no no no... I want her! Shantell... Annie is so-o-o cute! Bettina

Diane Duda said...

They are beyond cute, Shantell.
I'm glad I didn't miss it. I follow your blog, but don't think I'm missing posts somehow. :(


Kelly said...

That is absolutely adorable! Happy birthday too! By the way you need to add the "Follow me" widget to your blog, I was going to add it to mine and you don't have it.

Hugs, Kelly

Patty B. said...

Shantel...cute, cute, cute! Just love your dolls and this one is precious. Her teddy bear is perfect too. Happy, happy birthday to you!
p.s.-I hope I win them.

Aleta said...

A happy, happy Thanksgiving to you Shantell!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Matilda said...

I have just loved finding your blog and spending a considerable amount of time reading and browsing. It has been a real delight and have decided to 'follow' lol
You have some great links on here and
Annie and Babette are adorable.
Happy Birthday!!!